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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Week 13:

The 5 business that I chose that are similar are Alien Fresh Jerky, Daniel Fresh Jerky, Miguel's Country Market, Dawyne's Fresh Jerky and Mahogany Meats. All the competitors do not have a solid form of advertisement. One set of advertisement that caught my eye was Alien Fresh Jerky. On their Twitter page they use the same form of imagery in the advertisement with a link to see plans to a new hotel they are planning on creating a hotel in the back of their store. I did not see any other form of advertisement for any of the competitors. I think the impact of traditional advertisement like a billboard sign is a faster call to action for a road side stand. The impact of social media advertisement I would say is longer lasting call to action because the customer's can find the business easier. For my particular business the traditional advertisement is more effective because all the store's are road side stores and met for road trippers.

Week 12: Part B Coupon Network & Yelp

I am interested on creating a coupon and posting it on Groupon. In store we already offer a deal when you buy either 3 olive jars or 3 jerky packages. Adding a deal on Groupon of our local honey would increase the flow of traffic into our stores because I notice products sold in Goupon are the products that a little more expensive. Our customer's do frequently complain about the price of our local honey, so adding a coupon that offers $5 off our purchase of 3 small honey jars whatever flavor would really help with selling our honey as fast as our olives and jerky. The benefit of using a coupon site is having ways of getting new customers that may not have heard about our business before get to know us and maybe become frequent buyers. The downside of offering deals online is not having enough products to comply to the maybe high demand. This can results on customer's not coming back and becoming mad at our business. Depending on the product I think the customer's may or may not return.
I have set up the yelp account for our business but it has yet to be verified. Most of our reviews are good and talk about how delicious our products are. Each location for my business have different ratings. All locations are more then 3 stars. The reviews for Alien Fresh Jerky seem to be 50/50, most people complain about the jerky how it is tough, others seem to like it. Since they seem to sell novelties many of the good reviews talk about the cool Alien novelties you can find there. Yelp does have an impact because a lot of users write their opinion about the product and or services. Yelp should be as important to all Business because it is real time opinions from consumers. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Week 12: Using Other Social Media

Depending on your business, there are many different social media tools that you can use. For my particular business, adding google plus, google maps, yelp, trip advisers, and blogs to be featured in can help with the growth of my business. Since my customer's are mostly customer's who are on road trips or on a vacation weather it be hiking, or a destination, being able to be recommended by others can help reach more potential customers. Yelp and trip advisers can be a good way since we have great tasting products having customer's share their experience and rate us, can really get us on the map for anyone who is planning a trip as a "must stop". This would also correspond with finding famous blogs that would like to feature us. Reaching out to people who are in the same mind set as our current customer's can help grow our business and make it become famous because word of mouth. Creating a google plus account can help with more popularity as well as finding more potential customers. Google plus is like other social media pages that can help with leads to new customers. It helps with customer's share the business's profile and either become friends or fans.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Week 11: Classmate's Blog

This week I commented on Olivia Cruz, Andrea Esquivel, and Kimberly's Mcmahan blogs.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Week 11: Email Marketing

       Gus' Jerky newsletter would consist of information that customer's would find useful. Some of the things to consider in the new letter would be any special dates for an event at one of our locations, information about products customer's ask often, new product information, and any sales we maybe offering. Personally I do not like when a business sends newsletter every week. I would like to send a newsletter either once a month or twice depending on the situation. I want the customer's to not feel like they are getting bombarded with newsletter but still feel like they have some sort of relationships with the business. A competitor I follow their newsletter sends one once a week. They talk about random things but mostly about their products. I believe the information is repetitive and not so interesting where it makes me want to continue to be subscribed to their newsletter. By reading a competitors newsletter, I get the sense of how it is hard to come up with new interesting topics that keeps your customer from unsubscribing. When it comes to a food retail business you have to be able to not overload and extend the newsletter over the course that way customer's feel like it is necessary for them to be kept in the loop.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Week 10: Categories Post

The categories that I would use to say organized and reach my target audience is the variety of products that we offer at Gus's Jerky. By having these specific categories I am able to know which customer's like what items we sell. Another category I would add would be the online customers and store customers. These would help reach more target audience because I can use specific promo codes for the online users. These different categories can help grow the business because it is casting a larger net into the specific customers. It is like adding many nets into a larger area of water so to speak.

Week 10

   Adding human interest to a post can appeal to people's emotion because the person reading the post
can maybe relate to the post or know someone they are close to that can relate to that particular post. Adding a personal experience to a post can help create this sense of trust and a bond between the business and customer. When someone reads a post from a business that they can relate to it makes them feel special. It makes sense to add a human interest when its a post that shares a story that maybe starts negative but because of the business's help creates a positive outcome. Another way that a sense of interest can add a human interest is when a business is doing a good deed. Adding a personal human interest to a post may not always be good because when it is a controversial topic that may only half of the audience can relate and make the other half of your audience maybe not want anything to do with your business.

Week 13:

The 5 business that I chose that are similar are Alien Fresh Jerky, Daniel Fresh Jerky, Miguel's Country Market, Dawyne's Fresh Jer...